• Appraisal Services
    Are you thinking about refinancing? Selling or buying property? Or are you curious about how the recent Real Estate Market has affected property values?​​

  • Mortgage Loans 
    Mortgage loans are used by purchasers of real property to raise money to buy the property to be purchased or by the existing property owners to raise funds for any purpose. The loan is "secured" on the borrowers property.

  • Tax Assessment Appeals
    If the taxable value of the property as listed is more than 50% of property's market value, then you have a basis for review or appeal of the property's assessed value.

  • Pre-Listing appraisals
    It's a good starting point when deciding your homes listing price. If you are going to minimize the property's time on the market & maximize your profit, this is a crucial step.

  • Date of Death Valuations
    Disposition of assets under a will or in probate. There are many situations--None of them lacking stress or complexity--where you might need an appraisal of property. 

  • Divorce
    ​There are generally two alternatives when discussing common real estate--it can be put on the market and the proceeds divvied up, or one party can "buy out" the other.

  • Estate
    Estate planning is an important part of financial planning but is often overlooked and misunderstood.

For years, mortgage lenders and consumers have relied on Appraisal Quest to provide high-quality valuations on a wide range of properties in Southeastern Pennsylvania. By Continuously analyzing local real estate trends and staying current on valuation techniques through accredited courses, we've been consistently able to deliver reliable home valuations for clients just like you.

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