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When purchasing real estate property there are some very important steps that must be taken by both the seller and buyer.



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What is Title Insurance?

When purchasing or refinancing a property your lender will require you to get Title Insurance. To find out more about this process please click the links below.  MORE

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Get title premium and title services fee quotes for your Good Faith Estimate (GFE) at the click of a button. It's simple, fast and nationwide.



Whether you are a Mortgage

Lender needing an appraisal for a Sale or Refinance, a Homeowner needing an appraisal for a Tax Appeal, or a Realtor looking for a listing appraisal. 


Elite Land Transfer is a full Service Residential and Commercial Real Estate Title Insurance agency, dedicated to providing exceptional closing services to Realtors, Builders,  


Elite Land Transfer works directly with Buyers, Realtors and Mortgage companies to provide our clients with a worry free closing. When purchasing or refinancing a property in PA. or NJ, you should know, that it's your choice who you use for your title company. Elite Land Transfer provides excellent service while charging the lowest cost allowable by law. We handle the whole process from the search to the closing at a location of your choice.

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